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Anti Reflection Coatings

We take great pride in producing our own brand of unique AR coatings which exceed the market expectations for performance and durability. Each lens has been rigorously prepared for the addition of our multi – layer coating to ensure that once applied the coating will bond and become an integral part of the lens. The result is a coating which makes the lens free of reflection and virtually eliminates unwanted crazing and peeling for the life of the lens.

Natural AR

Fresh and Exclusive – Natural AR is unlike all major brands due to its natural appearance. The absence of any noticeable residual color, make this product a true business builder for our customers. When given the choice, patients overwhelmingly prefer natural AR to other major brands.

Integrity Custom Progressives

Simple to use, Easy to wear – our Integrity line of custom freeform lenses have been a hit with our customers since their introduction in 2011. These lenses are all true custom designs uniquely fabricated for your patient. The entire prescription including the adds are on the backside of the lens and satisfy 100% of the needs of your practice.

Flex – a general purpose non compensated progressive for average prescriptions

Fit M “myopia”– compensated for position of wear – this progressive is purposed for higher myopia with moderate to high astigmatism

Fit H “hyperopia” – compensated for position of wear – this progressive is ideal for higher hyperopia with moderate to high astigmatism

Desktop – compensated for position of wear – this progressive is designed for desk and computer work

Refresh – compensated for position of wear – this progressive is ideal for fatigue caused by ipads, cell phones, and electronic gaming

SV “single vision”– compensated for position of wear – this product is ideal for moderate to high powers. This enables the single vision user to have smooth undistorted vision throughout the entire lens. Great for wrap style frames.

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Rodenstock is the only lens supplier from a single source worldwide. Embedded in a one-of-a-kind “System of Better Vision”, Rodenstock produces high-precision lenses sold exclusively to private eye care professionals. Precision engineering and quality without compromise gives the wearer a unique experience of spontaneous adaptation with their new progressive lenses.

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