Voice: 425.882.4333 | 800.365.3611


Experienced Customer Service

Delivering great products requires qualified technicians that understand the requirements of each order and how it will function for your patient. The lens design and materials must blend harmoniously with the frame chosen. Our customer service staff has over 75 years of optical laboratory experience. This gives our customers comfort knowing that if it is possible, not only can we do it – but it will look and feel great on your patient.

Full Service Laboratory

A full service laboratory is essential to delivering consistently fast and responsive customer service. Full service means that we stock lenses in our facility and have all the equipment required to Surface, Edge and apply Anti – Reflective coatings all in one location. Our process takes a matter of hours to complete most orders with custom AR coating. Thanks to our experienced technicians and digitally controlled system over 97% of our production is completed without error assuring fast delivery times. You can promise your patient delivery that others would refuse because they cannot deliver in a timely manner. The result is happy patients that can and will tell their friends, which in turn helps you grow your business.

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