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In the past 5 years we have been in business together, which we established on a hand shake, it has been a pleasure to deal with you and your company.

You conduct yourself with the highest level of integrity. You actions speak volumes as to how you run your business. Acting in good faith and thinking in common sense terms are just a few of them I can name.

In this challenging market and economic times. it is reassuring to find Mr. Sutich and his company maintains high professional and industrial standards to his customers and his suppliers.

—Jeremy Carvalho Managing Director Rodenstock

It has been my pleasure over the years to have been a customer of Nouveau Vision. The workmanship standards exhibited by this lab are consistently of high caliber, and I have f no better lab to handle the more, difficult jobs such as re-lensing antique frames. When it comes to quality work delivered on a daily basis, I highly recommend Nouveau Vision.

—Dan Riley, LDO

One of the goals with every business is to form long term relationship built on mutual trust.Fortunately, I met Tim Sutich in 1980 and we began building that type of relationship and it has continued to flourish for thirty-four years. From my prospective, Tim is one of those unique individuals that have been willing to work hard for his customers and build his business with an eye towards treating all of his valued clients, vendors and suppliers fairly and respectfully. I’ve always appreciated his honest straightforward approach to relationships.

—Steve Keeler, President – Northwest Fleet Lease Inc

We would like to tell you about our optical lab. We have been working with Nouveau Vision for just over 3 years now. They supply our customers with expert quality and service. The precision of the optics and the eyeglass work is right-on every time. My orders are ready when promised and most of the time back early. I receive a daily report on the status of our patients. They have an in house AR lab that produces great quality and they are not afraid to fix problems if they occur. My customers love the quick turnaround. I try not to promise one – two day turn around, but if needed Nouveau provides with a smile.

Nouveau has also become a business partner without any strings attached. They look out for our best interest and we have regular conversations about the right products and product mix. Progressive lenses can put a strain on any practice due to cost and adjustment issues. Nouveau and I came up with the right products for different price points that work with insurance and patient satisfaction. Their Integrity custom progressives are a big hit with first time wearers and those having problems adjusting to progressives. This is what I mean about a business partner – Our customer satisfaction is just as important to Nouveau as it is to us. It keeps us both growing new patients.

If you notice I have not called out any one by name. That is because who ever answers the phone has the expertise and know how to help on the spot. If they have to call you back they do. The team at Nouveau is great. Thank you Nouveau.

—Karl, Seattle WA

I have worked with Nouveau Vision since they first opened in 1985. Their commitment to great service and outstanding workmanship has allowed me to operate my business at a high level of satisfaction for me and my customers.

—Jim M – Bellevue Wa

Nouveau Vision has been awesome! Their customer service is great. We always receive our jobs in a timely manner. They always respond very quickly and go above and beyond to help us.

—Jodi – Tacoma WA

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